About Us

Supply Chain Optimisation for Consumer Goods & Retail Industries

Our industries are facing challenging times, price competition, cheap imports, shrinking margins, and there is a constant demand for new products to compete. Success is dependent on having critical information on hand to help make timely and accurate decisions. The use of the latest technology can achieve agility, visibility and reduce delays, but how do you find the right technology for your business?

Prolink provides solutions that accelerate time to market and ensure clear visibility across the supply chain, providing your teams with timely dashboard information to react, adjust and optimise business operations.


Our solutions optimise the Product Lifecycle from Concept to Consumer

Engagements with Tier-1 consulting firms are expensive and time-consuming, however, many consulting assignments end once the strategy is set, leaving your business to manage the project through the transformation journey without support. Prolink stays with you through the complete process across strategy, enablement, alignment and execution, our expertise is on hand to accelerate project completion, saving time and money.


We are with you to manage the transformation process end-to-end

Our 3 step approach enables you to engage us for just the right amount of time, be it much or as little as you need.  Our workshops help define a roadmap, next, we align people and process to that model, thirdly we overlay a technology framework to meet your business objectives.


Innovative and Creative Solutions

Incorporating transactional and predictive insights to achieve the best possible outcome at every step of the digital transformation journey.

Time-to-Market and Operational Effectiveness is critical across the Supply Chain. Our experience can help with the realisation of a strategy that spans both internal and external collaboration, incorporating predictive, collaborative and analytic data linkages to achieve optimisation of the Supply Chain from Product Inception to Consumer.

If this resonates with you, we would like to offer you a free 2-hour consultation to see how we can help identify supply chain bottlenecks and gain operational efficiency.


We have established ourselves as a reliable and innovative supplier of IT Solutions and Services using leading edge and innovative products, coupled with creative thinking and design



Prolink possesses expertise in Industry 4.0 architecture, PLM, MES, Analytics, and ERP, underpinned by Shop-Floor Controls, Engineering and Best Practices 



Realising benefits for our clients through industry experience, technology expertise, design thinking and best practices