Commerce Lifecycle Management

PLM Commerce Lifecycle Management

Commerce Lifecycle Management is a mix of technologies coming together to put more power in the hands of employees and to engage with customers in a way that marries the offline store experience with the online digital experience.


Done right, this also changes the in-store shopping experience and increases the shopping basket $value.  It affects the total Customer Experience and the role that employees play in the physical store.


Long gone are the days when customers drive to the store with no idea of what they intend to purchase.  According to Deloitte statistics, 84 percent of shoppers have done some form of research prior to or during their shopping journey.


What creates differentiation is how well companies perform in the following categories:


1. Understanding Customers buying patterns through Segmentation Analysis.
2. Statistics around 'Acceptance Likelyhood' to products through push campaigns via mobile applications.
3. Measuring your customer's 'Sentiment' via Social Media and other data, to ensure Brand Protection?
4. An exceptional level of customer service, through a strong understanding of exceptions in a process flow, and how they are being managed, by whom and how long it is taking?


People are key to success, do they have the business skills, technology skills, organisational roles and processes identified, and critically are they culturally ready?


Automated processes, policy and compliance around Governance, Suppliers, 3rd Party Governing Bodies and External Stakeholders, in order to gain agility in your operation is a key to success.


Prolink specialise in specific applications built for the industry, IT architecture, Commerce architecture, integration, data integrity, data compliance and data protection, for all industries within Consumer Goods.

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