Retail/Apparel Enablement Workshops

  • Well designed processes and infrastructure to create a tightly integrated value chain

  • Sourcing decisions based on technology  to continue growth

  • Organisational and environmental factors that influence sourcing strategies and suppliers

  • Optimising 'Make versus Buy' decisions within the value chain

Our organisation was founded to assist Retail and Manufacturing companies to build a complete ‘Journey Map’ for Digital Transformation and Supply Chain Innovation.  Large consulting firms create high-level strategies which are impressively documented but lack an Execution Plan.  

We develop an Enablement Plan, but most importantly, we work with your team to execute the plan

Building upon the Strategy Value Stream Map, we now start to put ‘The Plan’ in place.  Conducting detailed discussions with key staff members around Product Development Processes.  Interviews with key staff to identify bottlenecks in the Product Procurement Process and the Vendor Management Process.  Followed by a presentation identifying findings and opportunities around Critical Path and Dependencies  

A written Execution Plan is provided at the end of this process identifying Actions, People and Timeframes

We can help you move from feeling confused to Clarity!

We have created these awesome workshops that will help build a Roadmap!

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