Retail/Apparel Execution Workshop

  • A brilliant strategy or blockbuster product can put you on the competitive map, but only solid execution can keep you there  

  • Employees at three out of every five companies rated their organisation as weak at execution

  • An assessment of your organisation's capabilities can provide great benefits

  • Strategic and operational decisions quickly translated into action


The supply chain of the extended enterprise has become an increasingly complex ecosystem of people processes and technologies.  Technology now provides true collaboration between partners, distributors and suppliers that extend well beyond the walls of the enterprise.  Collaboration between the Manufacturer, Supplier and Retailer can help reduce inventory, improve fulfilment rates and ensure product availability at the point of purchase

Building upon the Execution Plan, we now start to refine the process. We assist in identifying the components of the Retail and Apparel Supply chain in order to Analyse, Centralise and Optimise operations.

  • Identifying and Aligning - People, Process and Technology

  • Providing Process Governance - both internally and externally

  • Providing visibility and optimisation across the Product Development Process

  • Providing clarity across Designs, Samples, Vendor Management and Critical Path

A written Execution Plan is provided at the end of this process identifying Actions, People and Timeframes

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