Manufacturing Optimisation Workshop

How can you benefit from the latest in Manufacturing technologies?

Boost operational efficiency within the factory with smart connected devices, visibility and collaboration

Avoid the stress and confusion of manual processes, errors and waiting for information in order to make decisions

Make it easy to stay ahead of competitors

We assist in identifying the components of the Manufacturing operating environment in order to Analyse, Centralise and Optimise operations


  • Benefits can be realised by increasing Factory IQ

  • Drive Operational Improvements with clear processes

  • Get Real-time Visibility

  • Optimising People, Process and Technology

  • Understanding what can be done, understand the financial impact if it isn't done, build the right strategies, and construct an execution and change management plan

This workshop covers:

  • A discussion around models and operations that are currently being enabled by technological innovations such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

  • The importance of cultural and workforce factors prior to making an investment in new technologies

  • Ways to increase Factory ‘IQ’

  • Operational Improvements that lead to productive and safer operations

  • The role of a leader in the adoption and success of a new operating environment

  • Interviews with management to document objectives

  • Discussions, interviews and site visits

  • A deep dive into equipment connectivity

Over time factories build a mix of old and new technologies and processes that can lead to defect-laden products that are delivered behind schedule.  Industry 4.0 provides a framework to improve the standard mode of operation

Our Workshop will:

  • Inspire your team

  • Produce Innovative new ideas

  • Refine ideas according to realistic constraints

  • Identify ways to overcome barriers

  • Test and improve ideas

  • Agree on next steps, actions, responsibilities and timelines


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