Retail Innovation Workshop

How can you benefit from the latest in retail technologies?

Boost the collaboration within teams and gain a competitive advantage by getting products to market quickly

Avoid the stress and confusion of navigating a complex supply chain and make it easy to get ahead of competitors

We assist in identifying the components of the Retail and Apparel Supply chain in order to Analyse, Centralise and Optimise operations


  • Require visibility of your Product Development Process

  • Supplier Alignment and Automation

  • Manage inventory and reduce processing time

  • Develop faster reaction speeds to demand and supply

  • Alignment of People, Process and Technology

  • An execution plan to move forward and manage change


This Workshop covers:

  • Identifying and Aligning - People, Process and Technology

  • Establishing Process Governance internally and externally

  • Providing Process Maps across functions within the Product Development Lifecycle

  • Vendor/Supplier Management Review

  • Continuous Improvement (CI) Plan

Ensure planning maximises profits and customer preference stay on course

Streamline samples across several re-iterations and technical specification

Understand the benefits of transitioning to 3D samples

Our workshops help teams quickly produce bold new ideas and pinpoint pathways to success

We help you take industry developments and align them with People, Process and Technology to produce new ways of operating and pathways to success

Our workshop will:

  • Inspire your team

  • Produce Innovative new ideas

  • Refine ideas according to realistic constraints

  • Identify ways to overcome barriers

  • Test and improve ideas

  • Agree on next steps, actions, responsibilities and timelines


We can help you move from feeling confused to Clarity!

We have created these awesome workshops that will help build a Roadmap!

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