Prolink Solutions Workshops

A Team That Helps You Succeed

Partnering with a team that has knowledge, experience and creativity makes all the difference to the success of a project. We have established ourselves as a reliable and innovative supplier of Information Technology Solutions and Digitisation

Manufacturing Management Simplified

TrakSYS is a powerful and proven manufacturing management software platform designed with the idea that software should help you do your job, not become the job 

World's #1 Retail Solution

Proven Flexible, Scalable, and Robust

Discover how leading retail, footwear, and apparel companies shorten cycle times and deliver on-cost products through a SMART and INNOVATIVE life-cycle management solution

Visualisation and Augmentation

ThingWorx Studio and Vuforia are game-changing technologies that enable enterprises to quickly and easily create Augmented and IoT experiences without requiring any deep programming or expertise

operational visibility

Simplifying Business Intelligence for Complex Data

Is your data scattered across many different sources and growing every day?   Sisense gives you the easiest way to create insights and business value from complex data.  Create Dashboard in minutes not hours or days

We provide Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Visualisation Solutions across various industries

Software has become a critical component in operational effectiveness, and transformational strategies flow across the supply chain, from product development to manufacturing

The solutions cover the entire SUPPLY CHAIN from product INCEPTION TO SHELF

Digitalisation - Industrialisation - Optimisation

TECHNOLOGY solutions improve collaboration, efficiency and effectiveness, but technology alone is not enough.  People, process and knowledge 'define' success, differentiation and innovation


Solve challenging problems in the most effective manner


Get the most out of your assets and resources


Manage both internal operations and customer expectations


Consistently meet goals and deliver bottom-line results

Are you ready to find out how we can help you succeed?


We have established ourselves as a reliable and innovative supplier of IT Solutions and Services using leading edge and innovative products, coupled with creative thinking and design.  


Our skills are in serving companies within the Consumer Goods and Retail industry through software solutions that provide Control, Compliance, Time-to-Market and Operational Visability, enabling business transformation across the Supply Chain.  


Our team work in partnership with organisations to provide trusted consultancy and technology advice. We strive for excellence based on respect, dedication, innovation and achievement in every engagement.