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The Apparel & Footwear Industry requires a dynamic flow of information across product lifecycles.  Information is needed quickly, collaboration across the Supply Chain is critical, with product flowing through to customers faster

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Can Accurate Assortment Planning lead to Customer  Loyalty?


Consumers expect both online and in-store experiences to be seamless, and ensuring a strong understanding of your consumers and their preferences can lead to a mutually beneficial exchange.  Creating an assortment plan based on geographies, preferences and stores, can create a better understanding of individual stores and their customer preferences so that an accurate plan can be constructed.

In this article:

We discuss Merchandising Planning and making decisions months ahead of the collection actually arriving in store, and having to consider many factors before making decisions.  Retailers wish they had a crystal ball so that they could predict what customers will want, and what will sell early in a season at full price.

You will learn about:

  • Collecting customer sentiment and social media data
  • Identifying product attribute drivers
  • Creating store clusters based on customer data

Date Published:  October, 2017