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The Apparel & Footwear Industry requires a dynamic flow of information across product lifecycles.  Information is needed quickly, collaboration across the Supply Chain is critical

Hear from some of PTC's Customers that have implemented the FlexPLM solutions and have joined the other Top 100 Retail, Apparel & Footwear companies globally that are gaining a huge market advantage through this OH SO SMART retail solution



Leading Retail PLM solution to significantly improve global collaboration and reduce lead times


Clas Ohlson Selects PTC FlexPLM Retail Solution to Support Its Growth Strategy.

PTC’s market-leading FlexPLM® retail solution to manage product development of all product categories and improve collaboration between its offices in Sweden and external suppliers. With this deployment, PTC’s Retail PLM Cloud solution will play a critical role in providing the backbone for all product information.

Clas Ohlson will deploy PTC’s out-of-the-box FlexPLM solution to enable them to drive new levels of innovation and significantly increase efficiency. The solution will enable Clas Ohlson to reduce the need for system customisation and enable seamless data management, both internally at Clas Ohlson and within its extensive supply base.

Date Published:  December, 2017