Operational Visibility

Visibility into your business processes can help you optimise your supply chain like never before. Gain the integration, visibility, control and agility you need to gain control of an efficient and effective supply chain process.  Make your Consumer Goods supply chain more resilient without incurring huge inventory and warehousing costs with three critical links:
1. real-time visibility across your supply chain
2. process analytics to measure and manage suppliers and supplier KPIs
3. calculate risks and automate the right actions to mitigate the risk


Using our solution can automatically connect critical upstream and downstream processes, seamlessly pulling data from disparate silos and showing how each distinct part affects your overall business.  It also eliminates slow and error-prone manual document exchanges between your organisation and suppliers, consolidates multiple document exchange solutions onto a single gateway and reduces order and invoice errors that require manual handling.

Gain visibility into all B2B transactions with every supplier from a single gateway, establishing patterns of transaction activity, supplier performance and it provides the ability to monitor for abnormalities in SLA’s and missing Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs).

You can target key performance indicators and surface powerful facts about your operation’s current processes. It’s the kind of actionable information that lets you perform root-cause analyses throughout the supply chain.


Key Benefits include:
•  Increase customer satisfaction
•  Increase order reliability and responsiveness to customer requests
•  Reduce order management costs

•  Efficiently manage larger quantities of orders without having to employ additional assets
•  Reduce costs and meet SLAs
•  Monitor real-time metrics to avoid high-cost fixes
•  Decrease costs of identifying exceptions by automating historical data for benchmarks
•  Identify problems early to avoid costly SLA violations and higher shipping costs

•  Know how to improve processes
•  Understand where processes failed or succeeded
•  Promote best practices to global process levels based on statistical data rather than group consensus
•  Change your focus from constant “firefighting” to proactive customer service and process improvement


Leveraging real-time data is the key to operational visibility and having that data at your fingertips in an easy to understand format, avoids costly mistakes. Getting information in the right context enables your team to easily understand what exceptions are being managed, by whom and how long it is taking without querying co-workers.  It provides the tools to work within a global team; conducting discussions across the state, country and globe, while leveraging real-time data in an innovative and productive way.


Growth within an organisation can offer various challenges and having a platform that is agile and scalable, provides the flexibility to cater for ‘the unknown’ and can eliminate considerable transformational costs and risks.

Other areas of Operational Visibility include:

•  Intelligent Supply Chain Management
•  IoT Predictive Maintenance
•  Multi-Tier Supplier Control
•  Order Performance Optimisation
•  Smart Logistics
•  Supply Chain Visibility



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