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The Engineering Function within a Manufacturing Environment


The function of Engineering in Manufacturing is essential to the development and improvement of products and processes.  It is essential that they have the time to focus on “Value Added Tasks” that contribute towards the bottom line.  Not spending their time of “Non-Value Added Tasks” such as Changes, Revisions or Paperwork can lead to Process Improvements.


Engineering Managers are often divided between the tasks they need to do, and the value added tasks they wish they had the time to do such as:


  • Identifying and troubleshooting process, material, or equipment problems to minimise downtime and recommend solutions
  • Ensure efficient production methods and procedures
  • Quantify processing times and identify areas for process improvements
  • Assist in failure analysis, troubleshooting, rework/repair of non-conforming manufactured product to determine the root cause of the problem
  • Promote Continuous Improvement (CI) activities in Manufacturing
  • Validate equipment and processes in the production area to improve yield and/or reduce cycle time
  • Accelerate New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Close the loop between design and execution with a solution that supports design for manufacturability, testability and supply chain optimisation
  • Recommend quality control processes
  • Recommend new methods of manufacturing processes to achieve maximum capacity and efficiency


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