Information Technology (IT)

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The Information Technology (IT) function within a Manufacturing Environment


As Manufacturers move towards an Integrated Information Technology (IIT) Platform that provides visibility across the company and data can be used to make decision that have a positive impact on all functions is when the power of information will be truly realised.  The role of IT Manager in Manufacturing is fast becoming an indispensable function, because without technology the modern factory will stop.


The function of the IT Manager within Manufacturing is to support all business functions across the complete supply chain, both internally within the company and externally across partners, customers, and suppliers.  The role of IT is to perform value added tasks and perform the job of anchor across the company.  Performing some of the following functions:

  • Leveraging unified data models
  • Implementing integrated IT systems to support lean practices
  • Support process automation
  • Achieve paperless manufacturing through IT integration
  • Centralise master data management
  • Standardise reporting
  • Provide visibility across the company
  • Segment functions and roles based on data
  • Enable process analysis for improved performance
  • Create seamless integration across ERP, Production, Supply Chain and Customer Service


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