Manufacturing | Operations

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The Manufacturing | Operations Function within a Manufacturing Environment


The role of Manufacturing/Operations is critical to the overall success of Manufacturing performance.  It is essential that they have the time to focus on “Value Added Tasks” that contribute towards the bottom line.  Having the time to focus on key initiatives such as Cultural Transformation, Continuous Improvement, elimination of waste, and provide value beyond the customers’ expectations.


Manufacturing/Operations Managers are often divided between the tasks they need to do and the value added tasks they wish they had the time to do such as:


  • Improve Customer’s experience and responsiveness such as On-Time Delivery to Commit, whilst ensuring compliance
  • Improve Manufacturing Cycle Times from the time an order is released to production, while ensuring both scheduled and preventative maintenance is incorporated
  • Improve Time to Changeovers by improving the time it takes to switch a manufacturing line from making one product over to making a different product
  • Eliminating waste and increase yield by ensuring products are manufactured to specification and eliminating mechanical bottlenecks
  • Improving Supplier’s incoming quality
  • Monitoring all activates involved in the whole process from inputs to outputs, to the finished goods
  • Planning and controlling production systems
  • Achieving operational efficiency through multi-dimensional metrics
  • Monitoring and analysing current systems of production and effectiveness
  • Overseeing inventory management


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