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The Quality Function within a Manufacturing Environment



The role of Quality in a manufacturing environment is essential in retaining and exceeding customer expectations, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance.  It is essential that they have the time to focus on “Value Added Tasks” that contribute towards the bottom line.  Without high quality, there isn’t the ability to market effectively and show others that you have a better product from your competitors.  Quality also justifies the price you can set on your products, avoid expensive product returns, and have satisfied customers that keep returning to your brand.


Quality Managers are often buried in data, spreadsheets and printouts and sorting through this information can sometimes leave little time to do the value added tasks that you wish you had the time to do such as:


  • Guaranteeing an enterprise approach to quality; to assure quality and business objectives are aligned
  • Governing processes across data, process control, resource tracking, and a clear audit trail
  • Eliminating non-conformance
  • Ensure compliance with relevant regulations, such as traceability and digital signatures
  • Focusing on continuous business improvement (CI) initiatives and involving stakeholders in corrective actions
  • Record process related data, defects, waste, yield, and observations
  • Make sure the company is delivering and exceeding expectations of quality, delivery, budget and profitably
  • Performance improvement
  • Accessing electronic records and reports for in-depth analysis
  • Complete supply chain management visibility


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