Supply Chain

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The Supply Chain Function within a Manufacturing Environment



The Supply Chain function within a manufacturing organisation manages suppliers, transportation, global competition, delivery times, changing demands and customer service.  The Supply Chain Manager requires visibility across people, activities, information and resources and is aware of the supply chain at all times.

Having complete visibility across operations is essential to Supply Chain Management, so the supply chain remains running without a hitch.

Supply Chain Managers have the task of monitoring suppliers, transportation, delivery time, increasing and changing demand, inventory and customer service.  Value added tasks can sometimes get lost in the data and you wish you had more time to do value added tasks such as:

  • Gaining real-time visibility of the supply chain to adapt to changing conditions
  • Manage the various links of the supply chain to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability
  • Expanding visibility across partner and suppliers
  • Visibility to detect and respond to fluctuations in the supply chain
  • Drive Continuous Improvement (CI) within the supply chain
  • Manage planning and forecasting
  • Optimise inventory and capacity
  • Provide 20/20 insight into the supply chain
  • Work to quality standards
  • Lead and improve end to end supply chain processes


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