Gentex Customer Case Studies

Gentex provides personal protection and situational awareness systems for the Defense & Space Technology industry. For a business like Gentex, fast and accurate operation planning metrics such as projected revenue, opportunity forecasts and expenses reports are critical to the company’s success.

After selecting Sisense, Gentex quickly started building dashboards for sales and operation planning that incorporated scores of data over extended periods of time. They were able to see accurate, up-to-date information to answer key business questions, such as where the company stood in its budget.

Alignment between data sources was built out with Sisense, including matching code logic, comparatives, and other automated data preparation work. Using Sisense, delivered information that allowed different departments to see hind-sights, insights, and even foresight with interactive and intuitive data visualisation.

Superior Glove Customer Case Studies

Superior Glove is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of hand protection gear.  Superior Glove’s primary data issue was that the data was dispersed between many different sources and was difficult to extract and put to use.   Data sources included Salesforce, an in-house developed order management system based on a SQL database, 3rd party forecasting software, as well as different enterprise management tools used for HR, warehouse management, finance, etc.

Sisense allows Superior Glove to pull in all the data from their disparate sources using the Elasticube manager, saving the company the need to invest money and e ort in a data warehousing solution.

Sisense has provided the information for managers to make better decisions based on what was actually happening e.g. which products were being better received by the market, and based on that information they are better placed to decide on additional product lines.  By applying different metrics they could identify the problems in certain products or marketing campaigns, and decide how to invest resources accordingly.

Skull Candy Customer Case Studies

Skullcandy is a manufacturer of headphones, earbuds and wireless products.   Their challenge was data consolidation.   Historical forecasting data, financial ERP data, marketing data, internal company budgets and more.  Data was spread across multiple source locations with a size of about 15G, exceeding 100 million rows spread across multiple source locations.

Previously no solution could bring all their
sources of data together in their Microsoft cube.  The painful integration processes limited them to implementing just a subset of their data that ultimately left departments scrambling to manually fill in the blanks.  Now, Skullcandy uses Sisense as their only
BI solution and are constantly gleaming fresh insights.  They state that “Because of how easy it is to add new data and variations of the data, our Sisense cubes are constantly evolving.”

GAP Systems Customer Case Studies

Gap Systems is the developer of a powerful SaaS web based solution “Smartflow” that streamlines the product development process and manages the development lifecycle.

After being provided access to Sisense, Gap Systems’ Smartflow clients are now going to the next level, really taking advantage of predictive analysis and future planning.

The client Dashboards were setup so they were fully interactive and flexible. This allowed the clients to alter and slice and dice their data however they wanted to get the view they needed. This methodology meant that any changes a client might need, didn’t require any change to the underlying data or reports, they just modified their filters and they could see the change in real time.