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Bottom Line:  Faster & No Size Limitations

Processing data with In-Chip technology is 10 times faster than processing in-memory.  Designed from scratch with a scalable, memory-optimised columnar database that can comfortably handle terabytes of data and dozens of concurrent queries.  These features give it extraordinary performance and make it easy for non-techies to join data from multiple sources, build interactive dashboard and BI reports, and share it all in one click.

Fast and unlimited data and business analysis
Business Analysis RAM and CPU utilizing

Using the Entire Memory Hierarchy, THE CHIP


In today's modern chip sets there is a substantial amount of memory. In-Chip technology maximises the resources that already exist in the commodity computer, by determining how to best use a machine's capacity to store, compress and access more data faster.


While other solutions only rely on disk and RAM (in-memory) takes it to the ext level by also utilising the memory available in the CPU. Since memory found in the CPU is faster than RAM, it is able to move data 50-100 times faster than in-memory solutions - the next generation of data analytics!

Business Analysis RAM and CPU utilizing

A True Columnar Data Store & Query Kernel


A columnar database slices and stores information as columns rather than rows (relational database).  This capacity can pull a column on the disk without pulling the entire table, which is extremely efficient for analytics, no matter how big the data set.

For example, if you are joining a dozen tables with 500 columns, but for a specific analysis you only need 3 columns, sales by customer and by product, this structure loads only a fraction of the data.  Since only the information you need is loaded, columnar operations run 50-100 times faster than with a rational database - making it the perfect technology for BI projects.  The benefit is additional performance at record-breaking speed.

columnar database for business analysis

Being Smart about the PU Cache


Working below the operating system takes full advantage of the faster available memory:  the CPU cache.  With Sisense Business Analytics, calculations are performed inside the CPU, without having to copy data rom RAM to CPU.   When data is compressed in the CPU cache, it saves considerable memory bandwidth.


By applying a cache-aware decompression - focusing less on the size of the data and more on the data feed - there is more RAM available for other resources.  Optimising the movement of data from disk, through memory, into the various layers of CPU cache creates incredible speed.

Business Analytics CPU calculations

Single Instruction, Multiple Data (SIMD)


When processing queries or running analytical calculations, Sisense leverages Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) instructions, also called vector instruction, from modern chip sets by apply vector algebra to the data.  Taking full advantage of these In-Chip SIMD instructions enables columns of data to be acted upon in a single instruction.


The CPU can then process data much faster because it is processing many data values in parallel.  By using vectorisation, the system can calculate multiple operations simultaneously and provide an additional performance boost to queries.

ERP Database CRM integration

Crowd Accelerated BI:  More Queries, Faster


A feature called Crowd Accelerated BI, provides a revolutionised ability to scale users and queries by reusing query blocks. Acceleration is gained by breaking each query into blocks and caching them individually in a "recycle bin", so that when a new question is asked, query blocks can be quickly reused by simply pulling them from the recycle bin.


In this way, unlike traditional tools, the more queries running, the faster the response time.  And the more people using the tool, the more efficiently the system works.  Built with a scalable, memory optimised columnar database, Sisense comfortably handles thousands of concurrent queries through Agile BI that quickly adapts to changing business needs.

Designed for Commodity Hardware


Our high-performance analytic database uses disk, RAM and CPU so efficiently, it can crunch terabytes of data in seconds on something as small as a laptop.  Award winning technology at the Strata conference for crunching 10TB of data on a less than $10K computer and all in 10 seconds.


By taking advantage of all CPU technologies, we are able to maximise hardware resources and ensure you are not limited by data size.  In complex scenarios involving multiple users, big data sets and complex queries, this solution will handle it all on any modern 64-bit chipset.

Fast ROI


We offer a real test drive on your data to fulfil an actual business need - All in 90 minutes!

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