Industry 4.0 Manufacturing

Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing Operations Management

Prolink provides solutions to transform your Manufacturing environment regardless of the size of your operations.  We provide 3 solutions that increase visibility, manage your production and provide seamless operational data to make informed decisions.  One solution specifically caters to Small Business, providing the tools to ensure orders are managed efficiently and easily, resulting in growth and profitability.   

Our solutions provide unprecedented capabilities to see, understand and act in real time, in order to control shop floor operations.  Our services focus on continuous improvement and constantly evaluating processes through a customised framework,  determining if these processes are still working and providing the expected benefits to meet KPI targets. The only true indicator of a good strategy is good results.  If you are not achieving the desired results -  you may need to re-evaluation your strategy and embark on a re-alignment of people, process and technology to achieve the desired outcome.

Prolink Solutions offers various software packages to simplify your manufacturing environment and Workshops to help build a Framework

Continuously improve your operational performance and flexibility through digital manufacturing, real-time intelligence and predictive analytics through an


Industry 4.0 Architecture

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

TrakSYS is next-generation manufacturing operations management software (MOM and MES) for maximising visibility, knowledge and control across your entire value chain, including Shop Floor Production Management

  • Inventory
  • Production
  • Quality 
  • Maintenance

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Smart Connected Manufacturing:  Get real-time unified visibility into factory operations to reduce downtime and improve quality, productivity and flexibility.  Real-time intelligence and predictive analytics

  • Fast to deploy
  • Role-Based Intelligence
  • Flexible to Adapt and Evolve 
  • Easy to implement and maintain

Master Resource Planning (MRP)

Morak Software a simple and effective Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and planning solution for Small Business.  

Cloud-based Shop Floor  production management

  • Know the job status
  • Know the factory load
  • Know the supplier and batch number
  • Track & Trace Materials
  • Manage workflows, business rules, SOPs, tasks, and analytics

  • Record your process-related, data, defects, waste, yield, and observations

  • Involve your stakeholders in corrective actions to ensure continuous improvement

  • Manage regulatory requirements, traceability, audit trail, and digital signatures