Manufacturing Management for  Small to Medium Organisations


Morak Software a simple and effective MRP solution that provides the foundation for Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) for Small to Medium organisations 

The software is designed to meet the requirements of Small to Medium size companies who manufacture via make-to-stock or make-to-order processes

Easy to configure and easy to use!

This software manages your Shop Floor through a Cloud-based Manufacturing Operations Management solution

Transform your shop floor operations with an easy to use and easy to set-up manufacturing solutions for SMB

Transform your results by giving your team members the capability to see, understand and react in real time, to ensure orders are being met, to minimise downtime and to automate your SMB Manufacturing environment

Built on an Easy to Use and Easy to Set-up foundation, this Cloud Based MRP solution can be configured in under an hour without impacting production.  This solution is 100% web-enabled and accessible via a browser—providing you and your team members the ability to control Orders, view Material Consumption, Ingredient Track & Trace, understand your Production Capabilities, Stock levels and Inventory, while providing full dashboard analysis to operate efficiently through Shop Floor Control.  The ability to react in real time improves order fulfilment, reduces inventory holdings, and minimises errors

Morak MRP for SMB Manufacturing is:

  • Fast to deploy 
  • Easy to set-up
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Built specifically for SMB Manufacturing 

Lack of automation can cause small business to fail to mature and realise their true potential.  a structure to plan and control tasks are at the core of effective management of production functions within a factory.  let us help you take control of your manufacturing environment!

Morak MRP

Manufacturing Transformation

  • More up-time, with higher product reliability
  • Feedback and visibility to drive quality improvements
  • Decisions backed by data, leading to profitable growth
  • Improved customer service
  • Easy Re-call of products through Batch tracking

This is the opportunity to overcome manufacturing challenges and drive new success and growth

Less to spend and gain more control


SMB capabilities designed to leverage existing assets and infrastructure to significantly improve visibility and management of Manufacturing Operations