Until now adoption was hindered by a lack of tools for content authors that can leverage existing 3D assets.  Now there is a tool for the development of new experiences for creating, operating, and servicing connected products.  Vuforia Studio™ provides all of the components that are needed to make it simple for any solution builder to develop an augmented reality experience, without requiring deep programming knowledge or expertise in augmented reality technology

Are you ready to leverage your existing 3D CAD software and other 3D modelling tools, combining sensor data in an easy-to-create animation sequence?   

Vuforia Studio Enterprise ushers in the era of AR for the enterprise by delivering a set of components that allow practically anyone to create an AR experience, with no coding knowledge required

An example from Equipment World where Caterpillar demonstrated using Augmented Reality to Maintain Machinery

Vernon Turner, VP, IoT, IDC says "The applications for augmented reality in the enterprise are practically limitless, and a powerful tool like Vuforia Studio that combines augmented reality, Internet of Things services, and 3D modelling will register as a standout option as organisations build out their augmented reality strategies"